Saturday, December 25, 2010

Choke on that Tortilla!

It's Christmas day. While the rest of the world, around me, is sleeping, watching TV, singing like mad drunks, having the time of their lives... etc. I am inside my cold kitchen deciding on what I should do now that the clock struck 12. Today has been a disappointing day since like every Christmas for the last couple of years I am by myself when it begins. But I digress, that is not the reason of this post. As a present to myself I want to start a blog. But I mean really start one; a blog where I can bitch, rant, by myself. So, here it goes... First let me tell you that I have been wanting this blog name since I saw it two years ago. Back then it belonged to some guy who used his blog to distribute MP3 download links to his many pop CDs. Well, unluckily for him, but lucky for me, he was caught and the name was thrown back to cyberspace. Along came I, and I wanted it, i had envied it for so long. It was a sign. It was time for the world to know about what was in my head and what I have to say. You can judge if what I have to say is good or not, but in all fairness, give me some chances! I hope to make friends with many of you soon. As for now, thank you guy who gave up this name. I am ever grateful. Be back later when I have something noteworthy to say.

A Tortillera